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Project Description

Cambridge Sales Inc. found the new easy WordPress template website just did not meet their needs.

Problem was, they’re in the business of selling not website building, updating, upgrading,  and graphic design.


REXP digital makeover!

Our 10 Point Challenge for Cambridge Sales

We needed to…

  1. Provide Information… The need to serve  Road Reps, Vendors,  Customers (Retailers)  & Staff  with quick and easy way to get to  information portfolio was a necessity (open &  secure) Digital Library.
  2. Pictures & Content & Flipbook PDF… Update a library of  Pictures and  Website content  including current catalogs of product lines Rebuild large to use PDF files into EZ to load and use REXP Flipbooks.
  3. Google Love… Include Google and Bing SEO “Best Practices” for Google searches on mobile or desktop.  Retailers looking for New Era Reps Product lines or Vendors wanting to see what the 30 year young company does with sweet deals.
  4. Graphic Design… Utilize high impact, website Insites for timed events and sales, include images and  image sliders for quick acknowledgment & branding.
  5. Branding… The companies Vendors  & product lines it represents into a cumulative  branding image.
  6. Design Forward… Look competitive and brand New Era Reps as the leader they are  in the market they represent.
  7. Responsive Design… a must to view and retrieve information, regardless of the device it is viewed from.
  8. Social Media Hooks… Add Social Media connectors to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Email sign-up.
  9. Support…  Retailers ,Reps and staff need access to an online  catalog repository secure for wholesale customers & reps.
  10. Reporting… Website stats and live monthly info reports to include Google Analytics reporting in addition to a few of our own as to who views what, how, where  and how often what’s most popular?

Visit the New Cambridge Website

Cambridge Sales Inc website makeover by REXP