Why Responsive Design?

Because we’re not all code nerds or computer geeks, REXP builds responsive websites focused on your business. Designed for every user, every eyeball, regardless of the device they view it from!

After all, today’s web is for everyone/everywhere/every moment/every eyeball! We’re versatile, we can create for you a simple 5 page budget friendly site … To a masterful digital marketing message that touches and extends your business. Web/Email/Print/Social marketing, the sales team, the customer, the prospect, the back office and literally everyone you touch. Time to Market?? NOW!!! We do this in days not months.

Google Goal Focused

Great design & pretty pictures mean nothing if your site is never seen.  Poor design (and this includes SEO Design) will not get a first look. We truly care about our customers business growth & success. Our goal driven design to be  “Google Page 1″ approach combined with constantly updating our skills and using outstanding digital products is why our customers love us! You will too, with focused growth discussions targeted at your digital marketing, creativity sessions  and we provide you  measurable results.

Customer One to One

Steve Jobs said it best “Build From The User Backwards”.  We take that philosophy to heart in everything we do.  Let’s combine your knowledge with our knowledge of  web design, SEO & digital marketing…  Let’s share knowledge it’s your new competitive  advantage.  Your new Digital Message starts today. Users will see you have   a focused message with amazingly cool ideas,  it doesn’t get any better.


Responsive Digital Marketing Meets Web Design

Did you hear about Google’s latest update that ranks and moves REXP 1 Mobile friendly websites past non Mobile friendly sites in search results? 

(We have and our Sites are built to take advantage)

  • Google’s new mobile SEO requirements
  • Why is Google is making these changes
  • How REXP meets the new Google  requirements
  • Let’s talk about these changes
  • How you can  leverage these changes to make new customers over your cometitors

Guess what?  The Web  just changed again Customers view your website from all devices,  and no one knows which device they start from or which screen they finish to click and move forward.

Meaning you need a message that speaks to all devices, any time, to all the popular platforms.

It’s a fact:  If your website is not mobile friendly the smartphone visitor will wait, review and move on in 6 seconds or less.

What’s worse is  a failed mobile visitor returns the prospect to the original Google search

and moves them from  your advertising win… to a  loss sending them to your competition!

Stop the six second  Smartphone leave.

HOW?  Use today’s responsive web design  tools and practices to keep all views (including the mobile customer) engaged.

Our Goal is to design, One Platform, One Message, ONE Vision, One Update to  touch all devices.

As one client simply told us,

“I’ll give you my vision and message.  I expect you to make the technology &  design  work with all the  popular platform Phone/Tablet/Desktops! “

TODAY’S ACTION ITEM: No time to wait, you’re losing customers with an outdated website. The good news is we can concentrate and focus a relatively quick change using your current website to create tomorrow’s vision. 

What’s Next?

What We Offer

  • FACEBOOK Social Marketing
  • Responsive WEBSITES
  • Digital MARKETING
  • Technology KNOWLEDGE
  • Google Page One Keyword Goal setting
Generate more potential customers talking about your business with a custom designed and professionally marketed pages.


1) Let’s build your new website

2) Prove our value and then… You’ll find you like to keep us around for a myriad of other clever projects.

3) It’s a good thing to have a really good technologist handy.

REXP   Digital Marketing in everything you do  let us help  your customers quickly and easily interact with your  ideas.  
  • REXP ONE We build a Fully responsive website so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Help with your social presence
  • Define Email Marketing goals
  • Review your Digital Print hardcopy and virtual
  • Include updates to our Awesome sliders to keep it fresh  giving you the opportunity to showcase your content
  • Review Google Analytic data
  • Ongoing Digital Marketing is the beginning of a beautiful relationship
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More Ways Than Ever To Display Your Hard Work!

Let’s do it the old fashioned way and sit down and brainstorm your vision  & message to include Google friendly keywords, social media hooks, Pictures, content &  include the view from what your clients and prospects are looking for.

Best practice in  web design solutions, includes old school business process  to help you compete in today’s web connected world.

Lets Build You An Awesome Website

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Awesome sliders give you the opportunity to showcase and update  your content
  • Advanced knowledge in Digital Marketing
  • Google Connected and SEO Optimized
  • Multiple  Design Choices  fitting your  Vision Pallet
  • Goal driven website design rules and best practices