Project Description

Terry Moore & Associates  website had quickly grown old with the inability to serve mobile customers, Sales Reps and Vendors.

The companies  Denver based Website needed a complete redesign

Here was our 10 Point Challenge/Manifest for The Rep Agency TMA

We needed to…

  1. Information…The  need to serve  Road Reps, Vendors,  Customers & Staff  with quick and easy to get to (yet secure)  information portfolio was a necessity.
  2. Google… Include SEO “Best Practices” for Google searches
  3. Pictures & Content… Updated Pictures and  Website content of product lines
  4. Design Forward… Look competitive and brand as the leader they are  in the market they represent
  5. Graphic Design…Utilize high impact image sliders
  6. Responsive Design…Create quick access to Emails and phone numbers of Reps
  7. Social Media Hooks… Add Social Media connectors to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Email sign-up.
  8. Branding… Tie into the companies 40 year branding image
  9. Support… Create an online  catalog repository secure for wholesale customers & Reps
  10. Reporting… Include Google Analytics reporting


Website Design Denver









TMA REXP responsive Web Redesign

TMA REXP responsive Web Redesign